V2.0 Update

Key Features to the new coming Update

Plug and play Landmark Travel (new)

Vortech Console installomatic cube for simple placement (new)

Automatic Interior Picture Changer (Upgraded)

Smart memory features for quick setup (new)

Re-worked HTTP flight system No Hud required (Full rework)

Fully open Public/group/Private access (new)

Faster response times (Upgraded)

Lower script usage (Upgraded)

Newly re-worked and re-mastered Sound effects (new)

Experiences are back

Box to Console teleports improvements with faster map response and tighter landing

New Database location listings for cleaner, easier travel

Full move to HTTP

Complete recode for The Exteriors and Rezzer Pads

Due to this being such a huge project and complete recoding of the TARDIS systems we currently can not give a release date as yet! (Expected Winter 2021)

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