The Orville Modular Kit

Complete Platinum Pack Version 1.0

This version contains

17 Stand alone Hallway Module pieces and doors ranging from 9 to 20 LI each due to high detail and link sets.

Single end cap with door 6LI

Double Door end cap 4LI

Single Blank wall with wood caps 1LI

Stand alone scripted door

Stand alone scripted door for connecting rooms without a corridor

One Meeting Room

One Captains Office

Props and furniture include:

Scripted Sofa/couch

Meeting Room Table


Chess Pawn Piece for Captains desk

Office Chairs

Orville office Desk


Desk lamp

Orville Ship Ornament

Books for Shelves

Office computer terminal (scripted for light, alerts and comms)

Orville Badges (Medical, Engineer, Captain, Security)

Orville Office Matter Synthesizer Unit

Getting Started

To get started, drag out your chosen modular in the folders named either Hallways or Rooms, its best to start with two modules at a time but if you wish and are feeling full pro you can rez them all out at once.

We recommend having at least 250 Prims available on your parcel for a complete set and 350 with furniture.

Warning do not link the modules together this will cause lighting and door to not function correctly!

To align each piece together our system uses a unique colour coded and symbol based snapper button found on the top side of the hallways and rooms, some pieces have more than one snapper, for instance the T Junction and four ways. see example below.

The Kit also includes what we call end caps used to close off hallways, versions include, single door, double door and a blank wall.

How they work!

So say you have The Office and you want to snap a hallway with a door to the office, you would click a snapper and set the office to master, then click the snapper on the hallway and set that to slave, once you have done this the popup option for connect is shown, confirm this and the chosen piece will snap align.

Snapper Menu

Master– When chosen the piece will stay put and act as the magnet for the next piece

Slave – When chosen this will cause the piece to move and snap to the chosen master

Connect – This pops up after the master and slave are chosen to confirm the snap

Tips for snapping

Make sure when snapping hallways that two beams are not snapped side by side, this will cause connection problems.

Use the colour codes and + – symbols to help you avoid units being snapped back to front.


Each door is scripted with a new Vortech smart move allowing modules to be moved in any direction without the need for any code adjustment, it can also be added to different sections with the stand alone doors.

When Locked the keypad will turn red and the doors will not open until unlock is selected.

Group will enable anyone in your group to operate the keypads this can also be deactivated.

Auto Close, this allows the doors to close behind you after 10 seconds when activated.

Comms – This will allow the user to type and send a message to all com users in the region.

Ships Computer terminal

This computer terminal can be placed anywhere in the build, this controls lighting, power modes, alert modes and communications.

Red Alert – Can also be triggered in power off mode

Yellow alert – Stand alone non flashing light

Alert off – Reverts systems back to Blue lighting

Lights on/off – Powers down and shuts off the module lighting

Power on/off – Powers on and off the computer terminal

Ships comms – Type in a message and send to all crew members owning a Vortech Orville Com device.

Office Matter Synthesizer Unit

On occasion if you add something to your room by linking it the top button script will need resetting to confirm its new position, to do this simple right click the panel, edit contents and choose reset.

For the matter synthesizers complete guide please check out our Manuals tab on this website, for full setup instructions.

Props layout guide

Ok so this is just for the fans who want their props in the same place as the show, here is a couple of reference photos to give you an idea of where to place them.

Setting Custom lighting colours

We recommend changing this if you are confident with some basic code knowledge.

Inside each module you will find a notecard called config, this has the colour settings for the lighting and point light, to change each line for example the red alert, yellow or blue you will need to replace the colour vector lines.

For example here RedAlertColor=<1.000, 0.180, 0.180>;

Information about vector colours can be found on the linden scripting library.

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