Second Life – Group notice: New Vendor

Group Notice From: Vortech Enterprises, Christina Riederer
New Vortech Originals and new release vendor now added to the main store for easy browsing of new products.
Video Demo now added to the Vendors for visual demos just click the product and choose video.

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Group Notice From: Vortech TARDIS Owners, Christina Riederer
Something a little different?
* Use the force to call it into your hand and back and watch it fly through the air! * Brand new reworked sounds originally designed for this Saber Sonic * Packed with all the features of a normal Sonic with added RP Features * Light Saber mode with Jedi Pose and Color Select *Scans, Shields, Unlocks, TTC compatible, Explodes, Repairs, Torch Mode
Vortech Originals (The New collection for 2019)
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