Product Versions

The Orville Complete Modular Kit V1.5

The Orville Modular Light Edition V1.3

The Orville Synthesisers V1.3

Bill and Ted Ultimate HUD V3.3 (Please ensure you have this version if you are installing the time pod expansion).

Bill and Ted Time Pod V1.0

Sliders Timer Hud V2.3

Tardis HUD V1.20

Quantum Leap Ziggy HUD V3.2

Quantum Leap Lothos HUD V1.3

TVA Variant HUD V1.1

TVA Courtroom Skybox V1.0

Handles Cyber Head V1.0

Talkie Toaster V1.1

4th Doctors Sonic v1.0

8th Doctors Sonic v1.0

12th Doctors Sonic V1.1

13th Doctors Sonic V1.1

Plasma Sonic V1.1

K9 Defence Robot/HUD V2.1

Covenant Console V1.4

Metis Console V1.7

Epsilon Console V1.8

Callisto Console V2.1

Nexus Console V1.3

Omnisphere Console V2.2

Judoon Prison V1.3

The Orville Comms Unit V1.1

PM-32 Orville Blaster V1.0

PM-44 Orville Blaster V1.2

Orville Krill Blaster V1.0

Farscape Blaster V1.0

Blade Runner 2049 Blaster V1.1 

Blade Runner 1982 Blaster V1.0 

All updates can be obtained from our redelivery terminal at our main store.

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