Second Life – Group notice: The end of a fantastic era…and the future looks AMAZING!

Group Notice From: Doctor Who, not4gods
And here we are as we get ready to leave the past, and the brilliant Peter Capaldi, behind, and look forward to the next step in the constant evolution of Doctor Who .I really enjoyed this article. I hope you guys enjoy it too. Merry Whomas, my Whooligans! 🙂

Second Life – Group notice: New HoO console room!

Group Notice From: Doctor Who, Sen Pixie
After a terribly long hiatus, HoO is back with a stunning room by R & K. This concept for the 13th Doctor’s console room utilizes every new build technique available to SL for what is one of HoO’s most beautiful builds to date. Enjoy!
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Second Life – Group notice: A Friendly Reminder….

Group Notice From: Doctor Who, not4gods
Harassment will not be tolerated in this group. A group member has recently informed me that another member has been repeatedly sending abusive IMs. We’re all for playful banter in this group, for sure. Being abusive towards a fellow Whooligan will get you banned from this group, which is exactly what happened in this case.
Have a beautiful day, Whooligans! – Tristan