New & Future releases

New and rebooted for 2021

Cyber Street Screens

The Tom Baker Exterior (Expo Exclusive)

The Time Court (Mesh SkyBox)

The All New Variant Kit (Out Now)

The Orville – Matter Synthesizers

The Orville Modular Kit

Talkie Toaster From Red Dwarf

Fully interactive, mesh design by Christina Riederer (Out Now)

The Dark Saber

Grab yours now and become the all powerful, This is the Way!

Handles Cyber head Companion

Out now with 10% off for Vortech Exclusive group members.

Doctor Who Origins Range

8th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver (New 2020 RP edition)

Judoon Prison expansion room by Christina Riederer (Out Now)

A New High detailed Blender mesh designed skybox expansion , two versions included with clean and tally walls, advanced and point lighting enabled, just 49 Land impact.

Farscape Peacekeeper Pistol

Designed by Christina Riederer works alongside any other Vortech weapons range, Includes Moyas wokring comms badge.

Sliders 2.0

One of our best selling HUD/Gadgets, This fully loaded show accurate device is a must for any fan! you can even take your friends along for the ride.

Kellys time travelling Pod from Bill and Ted (Face the music)

Add this to your existing Bill and Ted Ultimate HUDS with our circuits of time installomatic cubes.. (OUT NOW)

In Game Render

Bill and Ted Most Ultimate HUD (Face The music edition)

Fully reworked from the ground up using the latest keyframe and raycasting tech, new movie visual effects and sounds.

Faster, slicker and better than ever, OUT NOW in store and Marketplace

Blade Runner 2049

Agent K’s Blaster from the LAPD branch by Christina Riederer

OUT NOW – The PM-44 Blaster as seen in the Orville

Includes player to player kill mode, shoot your opponent and the gun will detect if the avatar is male or female on impact by triggering a male or female scream with a charred skeleton that then falls to ground.

By Christina Riederer and Mishelle Rayna

The 12th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver

(Works with all new exterior expansion kits TTC HUD V1.20 onwards)

Includes a High resolution Blender Mesh sonic with custom script kits, Explosions, Destroy, Repair, Scan, Shields, Custom door kit, TTC Control including lighting and Locks.

11th Doctors Fez, Bowtie, Badge and Glasses all available from the Vortech GATCHA (Coming This February 2021)

Walking Dead Fans

“Vortech Exclusive members get 10% off”

K9 Battle Scorched Edition 2.0

Interactive features including security, Speaking and Scan (wearable)
Blender Mesh Design by Christina Riederer

The 13th Doctors TARDIS

Exclusive to Vortech this high detail box is a must for any fan.

By Lexii Lane

The Orville Tricorder with wristband interface

By Christina Riederer (Role Play Editions for group players)

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