New & Future releases

The 12th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver

A New Super High detailed Sonic by Christina Riederer, Packed with high quality features and show accurate functions.

Sliders 2.0

One of best selling HUD/Gadgets This fully loaded show accurate device is a must for any fan! you can even take your friends along for the ride.

Bill and Ted 3.2 HUD (Face The music Upgrade coming this August)

Blade Runner 2049

Agent K’s Blaster from the LAPD branch by Christina Riederer

OUT NOW – The PM-44 Blaster as seen in the Orville

Includes player to player kill mode, shoot your opponent and the gun will detect if the avatar is male or female on impact by triggering a male or female scream with a charred skeleton that then falls to ground.

By Christina Riederer and Mishelle Rayna

The 13th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver (Works with all new exterior expansions and HUD v1,20 onwards)

Walking Dead Fans “You have got to get one of these bad ass bats! Yes Sir”
New and improved Design with all new added features
Ghostbuster Re-loaded 2020
New in store with UHD textures and new features
100% Original Blender Mesh Design by what88.zond
Out Now @TheVortechStore The 13th Doctors TARDIS
Exclusive UHD Design with new V1.20 feature HUD

Bill and Teds Phone Booth now available as a TARDIS Expansion Kit

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