New & Future releases

The Orville – Comscanner (A Planetary Union comscanner is highly technical, a button array for advanced inputs and a pop-out screen to read the results of a scan). Packed with Role Play features and multiple scanner options and com to com group chat. (Vortech exclusives)

Sliders 2.0

One of best selling HUD/Gadgets This fully loaded show accurate device is a must for any fan! you can even take your friends along for the ride.

Bill and Ted 3.1 HUD

1st Doctors Expansion pack (as seen in An Unearthly Child 1963)

High Detail design by Lexii Lane a must for any Who Fan!

The Orville PM-44 Plasma Blaster (Role play Edition)

Due for release this June, a canon style Blaster as seen in the Orville

By Christina Riederer

The 13th Doctors Sonic Screwdriver (Or is the 1000th? we never know anymore)

Walking Dead Fans “You have got to get one of these bad ass bats! Yes Sir”
New and improved Design with all new added features
New for builders, A Sci-fi Floor Kit fully mod and copy, use in your sims, space ships or buildings for the ultra HD effect with advanced lighting enabled.
100% Original Blender Mesh Design by Christina Riederer

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