An update for each console you own prior to supported consoles listed above shall be sent:

  1. A console update cube
  2. A TTC HUD v1.xx
  • We will send a HUD with every console update to ensure that all customers who own several console models receive the new HUD.
  • If you do have several models, you only need to wear the one HUD i.e. if they are all TTC HUD v1.20 then the are all the same.
  • Future updates of consoles will not include the HUD, these updates will be separate.
Supported Consoles


  • Epsilon V1.20 or later
  • Nexus V1.20 or later
  • Andromeda V1.20 or later
  • Callisto V1.20 or later
  • Metis V1.20 or later
  • Omnisphere Mk2 V1.20 or later
  • AstroVistor Mk2 V1.20 or later
  • This HUD is to provide all versions of our consoles in one place.
  • For example, if you have a Nexus and a Epsilon, you will be able to construct and operate either of these consoles from the same HUD.
  • The HUD can also be used as a stand alone teleport effects unit for those who do not wish to purchase a console.
Adding Consoles to HUD
  1. Wear the Vortech TTC HUD v1.20 or later
  2. Drag your console update cube on the ground next to you i.e. Nexus.
  3. Touch the update cube and your HUD will install the console and prompt you in local chat.
  • To add another console, repeat step 2 with another model.
Adding Exteriors to HUD and Rezzer Pads
  1. Drag your (Boxed) exterior into the world next to you.
  2. Touch the box to receive contents to your inventory.
  3. This will also update your HUD automatically with the new exterior.
  4. Goto a location that you placed.
  5. Touch HUD and select [EXTERIOR].
  6. Click *Send* Not yet implemented
  7. Rezzer pads in the region you are in that belong to you now contain the exteriors that are in your HUD. Not yet implemented
HUD Operation
  • Wear the Vortech TTC HUD v1.20 or later.
  • Upon wearing the HUD, you will be prompted once.
  1. Rez On: This will enable the teleport effects. Each time you teleport, a Police Box will arrive with your avatar hidden. Once fully materialised you will be visible.
  2. Rez Off: Disables the teleport effect. This is set by default.
  • The Police Box will remain parked forever, as long as you are within its radius of 96m. If you step outside this area, the HADS module will begin the de-materialise procedure.
  • The HUD has several options:
  1. Summon: Spawns an exterior of your choice in front of you.
  2. Demat: Dematerialises your exterior.
  3. Un-lock: Opens the exterior doors and enables the map (if you have a console)
  4. Lock: Closes the exterior doors.
  5. Rez On: Rezzes a box around you on teleport
  6. Rez Off: disable any boxes rezzes around you on teleport
  7. UPDATE: This will initiate the upgrade cube if rezzed. If it doesn’t exist the HUD will tell you this.
  8. Console: Creates a console, provided you have one installed. See below.
  9. [REZ PAD]: This will drop a landing pad to add a location to the public network.
  10. [CONSOLE]: Brings forth a set of options related to console commands.
  11. [EXTERIOR]: Another menu to command certain features on exteriors.
  12. User Guide: Will bring you here!
Console Construction
  1. Wear the Vortech TTC HUD v1.20 or later
  2. Touch the HUD for a menu
  3. Select *Console*
  4. Choose a console from the next menu
  5. A rezzer cube will spawn
  6. Select a build height from the list presented
  7. Touch the cube to send it off to the selected height
  8. A police box will materialise once the console is constructed
  9. The doors of the Police Box will fling open when console is ready.
  10. Setup complete, touch back wall to go inside.
  • For console operation, please refer to the User Guides for each console.
HUD Updates

If a newer version of the HUD is available, an upgrade bot will be sent.

  • The upgrade bot will clean the HUD and inject new scripts.
  1. Rez the updater cube in world next to you.
  2. From the HUD, select UPDATE.
  3. The cube will start up and update your HUD to the latest revision.
Database Setup

Please note that in order for the full effects to work, the following criteria must be followed:

  • You or your group are authorised build at the chosen location.
  • Object entry is available at location.
  • Run scripts option is enabled.
  • Teleport routing set to “Anywhere”.
  • Auto return is set to 0.
  1. Provided you can rez general objects on the land beneath you and your group tag matches that of the land/group owner, click the HUD and select [REZ PAD].
  2. From the next presented menu, select “Drop”.
  3. Once the rezzer pad is in place, touch it and select the button “Add to Grid” or “Add Private”. Selecting grid will add your location which will be viewable to the public and private will only ever be viewable by you.
  4. A text box will be presented to you to give this location a name. Please only stick to short one worded names.
  5. The next menu will ask for a UUID for the picture or texture you wish to use. Take a picture of the location, grab the UUID and pop it in the dialog box and press submit.
  1. Rezzer pad database setup is complete.

Please note: To help maintain database validity, please ensure you remove the rezzer pads when required via your HUD under the sub menu [REZ PAD].

  1. If you have a selection of exteriors you wish to materialise with, simply drop them into the rezzer pad. You can put a maximum of 250 exteriors in rezzer pads, a lot isn’t it! The exteriors must be in your HUD as well so detach your HUD, drag it from your inventory into the world, edit the HUD and drop your exteriors in. Take the HUD back to your inventory and wear.
  2. The rezzer pad is now complete, touch the rezzer pad and select “Hide” from the menu presented.

Tip: Once you have filled your HUD with exteriors, you only need to drop the extra exteriors into your next rezzer pad setup and not the HUD again.

  • The database grid is user built and relies on the responsibility of the owner placing the pad.
  • The grid performs a scheduled check for validity of locations every 36 hours and will remove entries that no longer exist automatically.
  • To view the grid click here.
Console Updates

If a newer version of a console is available, an upgrade bot will be sent.

  1. Drag your console update cube on the ground next to you.
  2. Touch the update cube and your HUD will be updated, chatting the process to you in local chat.
  3. If a console already exists in HUD, it will be replaced.
  1. You can spawn as many consoles as you can possibly fit on your land.
  2. You can only remote control the last one you physically operated.
Release Notes

V1.20 This is the most recent HUD developed in 2020

  • Fixed Issues with double take offs
  • Reduced lag and script time
  • Auto prompt for rez now only asks once and stores
  • Sped up response time on doors and map connections
  • Added new built in timer for reduction in boxes getting stuck


  • Fixed problem where exterior may not land at some locations. Primarily for the Epsilon console.
  • Added Mesh police box as standard.
  • Rezzer pads are now NO MOD, but all available exteriors are loaded.
  • Removed a number of random messages that were not needed.


  • Fixed script error; Missing inventory item ’11th Dr PB 1′ & Missing inventory item ‘Police Box 1’.
  • Fixed an issue where summoning an exterior will provide you to wrong co-ordinates.
  • HUD now writes the consoles position to the database.
  • HUD now supports multiple consoles; it will set the home position depending on what console you use at that time, so when summoning an exterior and open the doors via HUD, the correct co-ordinates will be set.


  • Updated the rezzer pad. Now has an option to re apply a picture for public and/or private.
  • Recompiled a number of scripts into one.
  • No longer interferes with adjacent pads.


  • Texture changes.


  • Spin Off option via HUD menu finally stopa the exteriors spinning when using flight mode!


  • Reverted the rezzed pad to full mod, leaving just the Police Box inside. This was due to a number of customers wanting the ability to add exteriors themselves. Update 1.11 will grant the user abilty to transfer exteriors from the HUD to pads with no fuss.
  • Fixed error ‘cannot find texture’ when summoning exterior via HUD in a region other than console origin.
  • Fixed issue where sometimes the co-ordinates to home location still wouldn’t register when summoning exterior via HUD in region other than console origin.


  • Added a new option of travel, where you can land your consoles to anywhere in the grid without the use of a rezzer pad. Requires the tracker HUD for destination avatars to wear (sold separately).
  • More script cleanups and tweaks to existing ones.


  • Previous HUD displayed a number of errors during the update procedure, therefore new HUD sent out in this update only.


  • Fixed database errors from previous releases, including bug fixes and HUD redesign for 2019

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