Exterior Expansion packs

(You must own a Vortech TARDIS HUD V1.21 or later for this product to work correctly)

Setup and Installation

To use the expansion packs please follow these simple instructions:

  1. Go to your Vortech Exterior TARDIS folder and rez the HUD V1.21 or later on the ground.
  2. Select and edit the Hud and select contents tab
  3. Drag the exterior from your purchased items folder into the Vortech TARDIS HUD Contents, after a few seconds it will appear and load.
  4. That’s it all done, take the Hud back into your inventory Vortech TARDIS folder and wear it, now when you select summon, you are presented with a choice of your installed exteriors and your new exterior will be rezzed.
  5. Go to each of your rezzer pad locations if you have any setup and edit/drag the pads and drag in any exteriors you own, this will then enable you to land on them using the Vortech public/private database network.
  • Additional instructions for this can be found in the Vortech TARDIS quick guide in world  or contact Christina Riederer.

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