Manual Sim Plotter

This little device enables the Vortech TTC systems to land anywhere gridwide by typing in manual co-ordinates.


  1. Rez the plotter docking station inside your console room.
  2. Touch the station and a cube will appear just above it. (the cube must be present before the console takes off)
  3. Get the console into a flight state.
  4. Touch the manual plotter addon module whilst in flight for the following modes:
  • Favorites

Selecting this will pull the data stored under your personal list.

  • User Input: Say on channel 1 the region you wish to visit.

e.g /1 Katrina
Now say the co-ordinates of that region you wish to land on channel 2.
e.g /2 <243,229,27>
If you do not chat anything within 1 minute, it is locked down and you will need to activate it again. (take off again)

Once you punch in the co-ordinates a text box will ask if you would like to store this entry. If chosen yes you will be asked to give the button a name. Selecting No simply ignores the request.

  • Purge: This will fetch locations stored. When a location is picked, it will be deleted.
  • Landmarks: Select from landmarks added into cube.


  1. When a location has been plotted, the cube will fire up then program the TARDIS and the console will begin to land. The cube will then reset itself back to the docking station.
  2. Once landed, open the doors and touch the back wall to get to the location.

Note: The exterior does not actually land, so you need to enable “Rez On” from your HUD menu for best results.

Additionally, as the rez-on-teleport only functions as the police box the chameleon circuit will not work in this process.

Manual Plotter Release Notes


Now talks with ALL consoles via new comms protocol.
Added the ability to add multiple landmarks into cube.
Fixed bug with favorites storage engine.


Fixed bug where certain consoles could not communicate with it.


Cube now mesh with a docking station.
Ability to store plotted locations to its databank.
Gave the cube some life, now moves and spits out visual effects!


Compatibility update to function with all TTC systems.


Initial Release.

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