Wartorn Console

  • Detailed high resolution default Police Box.
  • Follow on teleport mode.
  • Database travel (gridwide)
  • Unique console room.
  • Police Box flight.
  • TARDIS communicator; have conversations via console & exteriors.
  • Fully functional chameleon circuit.
  • ExtraSim and IntraSim travel, land anywhere you wish, gridwide and personal.
  • Store an almost unlimited number of locations into HUD.
  • Remote controlled take-offs to freak out your friends.
  • Group access control switch, granting almost every control to people in the group the TARDIS is set to.
  • Avatar scanner for exteriors location and now inside console also.
  • The Wartorn comes complete as MOD/COPY so you can decorate however you wish!
HUD Setup
  1. First of all, wear the VORTECH Wartorn HUD v5.x
  2. It will take a few moments to settle down (top left of screen), reporting free memory on completion.
  3. Your HUD is also a teleporter effects HUD and when enabled a police box will materialise before showing your avatar when teleporting to locations. This option is requested when you first wear the HUD, “Rez On” & “Rez Off”. This option is also available at any time via the HUD main menu. Please beware that the chameleon circuit is inactive for this one use only.
  4. HUD to complete setup.
Initial Setup on your land or group land

The functionality of the TARDIS communicates with the HUD at certain points, please ensure this is always worn.

  1. Ensure you are wearing the VORTECH Wartorn HUD v5.x.
  2. Ensure you can rez general objects on the land beneath you and your group tag matches that of the land owner.
  3. Click the HUD followed by “Create Room” and the rez-faux package will spawn next to you.
  4. Shortly after a menu will be offering a selection of distance heights, choose a height and the REZZER box’s state will change.
  5. Touch the REZZER box and it will immediately go to the selected height and a Police Box shall materialise before you.
  6. The console build is automatic and the doors will fling open on completion.
  7. Simply touch the back wall of the Police Box to teleport through.
  8. Once inside, the REZZER box will say “Touch For Options”.
  9. Re-position the box if desired and the entire console room move with it.
  10. When happy with location, touch the REZZER box and select the option “Save”.
  11. The REZZER box will delete immediately after the structure is saved.
  12. Approach the center console and power it online (refer to controls picture) and take off to register the console to the HUD. Please note, if you detach the HUD at any time just take off once more (via console room) to re-register the HUD.

Initial Setup complete.

Follow On Teleport
  1. Once the function “Rez On” has been activated, the Police Box will follow you on teleporting to various locations. When you arrive at your destination, the police box will materialise and then you will appear inside of it.
  2. This function has no chameleon capabilities, and will always be the Police Box.
  3. When using follow on teleport function, the Police Box is set to de-materialise after 2 minutes when you are out of range as default.
  4. To have the Police Box remain parked permantly, must disable the sensors via the HUD.
  5. Click the HUD, [CONSOLE], select “Sensor On” or “Sensor Off”.

Sensor On mode will enable auto dematerialisation when out of range (96m).

ExtraSim Travel

There are two methods in using ExtraSim travel and that is via VORTECHs very own database server, or via your own private locations using the notecard inside the HUD.

Database Setup
  1. Provided you can rez general objects on the land beneath you and your group tag matches that of the land/group owner, click the HUD and select [REZ PAD].
  2. From the next presented menu, select “Drop”.
  3. Once the rezzer pad is in place, touch it and select the button “Add to Grid” or “Add Private”. Selecting grid will add your location which will be viewable to the public and private will only ever be viewable by you.
  4. A text box will be presented to you to give this location a name. Please only stick to short one worded names.

NOTE: Unsupported viewers will present a dialog box with “!!llTextBox!!”. If this is the case, select that button and then say your chosen button name on channel 1, e.g /1 Home.

  1. Rezzer pad database setup is complete.

Please note: To help maintain database validility, please ensure you remove the rezzer pads when required via your HUD under the sub menu [REZ PAD].

  1. To change the display picture shown inside the console doorway and monitor screen, simply replace the image within the rezzer pad before you.
  2. If you have a selection of exteriors you wish to materialise with, simply drop them into the rezzer pad. You can put a maximum of 250 exteriors in rezzer pads, a lot isn’t it! The exteriors must be in your HUD as well so detach your HUD, drag it from your inventory into the world, edit the HUD and drop your exteriors in. Take the HUD back to your inventory and wear.
  3. The rezzer pad is now complete, touch the rezzer pad and select “Hide” from the menu presented.

Tip: Once you have filled your HUD with exteriors, you only need to drop the extra exteriors into your next rezzer pad setup and not the HUD again.

  • The database grid is user built and relies on the responsibilty of the owner placing the pad.
  • The grid performs a scheduled check for validality of locations every 36 hours and will remove entries that no longer exist automatically.
  • To view the grid click here.
IntraSim Travel

This is very much the same as ExtraSim travel, except the exterior is in the same region as the console. Once the doors are unlocked via the HUD, the back wall once touched will teleport you inside.

Manual Landing

You can manually land with any exterior loaded, to any point in the region where the console is positioned.

During flight type hit the keyboard (refer to schematic) and a text box shall appear.

Type your co-ordinates here, such as <95,115,21> and then click the button submit.

Note: If you are using an older viewer, this option may not be available, therefore please enter this command for manual landing in local chat.

/1234 <95,115,21>

A menu will be presented before you offering a selection of exteriors, pick one and not before long the TARDIS will begin to land at the exact point you typed in.

Inside The TARDIS
  • Please refer to the controls texture to identify certain operations.
  • De-Mat lever: This will fire up the engines and its corresponding exterior will begin to de-materialise.
  • Door Lever: This is a toggle lever which opens and closes the console door and if landed, it will operate the exteriors doors too.
  • Materialise Crank: Once in flight, you can select a location of a REZZER pad.
  • Randomizer: During flight you can hit this button to land anywhere. Please note that an exterior will not spawn on this occasion. For role-play, enable the teleport effects “Rez On”.
  • Keyboard: Manual landing procedure.
  • Power: This will power down and power up your TARDIS on toggle.
  • Group Access: This button toggles group access, with it turned off no one but you can operate the console, even those with a group key.
  • Flight navigation is simple, just hit the de-mat lever if you haven’t done so already. Within moments you will be travelling the time vortex!
  • Operating the materialise crank will present you with a selection of exteriors to land as, if no extra exteriors are loaded then only the police box option will be presented.
  • Now you will have a selection of locations to choose from, these are from earlier when setting up the REZZER pads.
  • After selection of a location, the TARDIS will begin to materialise there.
  • Once you have landed, open the doors to see your location. Touch the image to bring up a map to teleport to that location.
  • Operating the doors within the console room also opens and closes the exterior doors also.

Note: You need to wear your HUD when operating the TARDIS or the systems will halt.

Police Box Flight Mode
  • Right click the Police Box and select “Flight”
  • The TARDIS will spin around until you start moving and then stop again if you stand up or chat “stop” in local chat.
  • You will have full movement control of the Police Box whilst in flight mode.
TARDIS Communicator

You can talk to people standing within a range of 20m of the exterior, and they can talk back too.

  • Simply touch the walkie talkie on the console.
  • Begin chatting in local chat, the exterior will chat console messages and the console will chat the exterior messages.
  • If nothing is said within 30 seconds, communications will cease.

Note: Try not to use commas when chatting otherwise the TARDIS will trim the conversation.


“Hello there” // Will display “Hello there” “Hello, there” // Will display “Hello”

Please note: The microphone function only works where there is a REZZER pad.

Chameleon Circuit

The TARDIS can appear with one of VORTECHs exteriors.

  • Detach your HUD and drag it in world.
  • Edit the HUD.
  • Drag your exterior(s) into the HUD.
  • Take the HUD back to your inventory.
  • Wear the HUD.
  • Go to existing REZZER pads.
  • Edit the contents.
  • Drag your exterior(s) into the REZZER pad.

When setting up new locations, it is easier to add exteriors as you place them. The Wartorn can support 250 different types of exterior, but the more you have you will begin to experience slower response times to communicate with the HUD

Note: The console will read the exteriors in your HUD, so ensure the REZZER pads contain the same exteriors the HUD has.


Whether you wish to move land or just want to blow up the TARDIS for role play, you can only activate this via your HUD.

  • Once activated a text box will ask you to verify destruction by typing the word “destroy”.
  • Upon clicking submit, the TARDIS will begin countdown and will be completely destroyed in 30 seconds.
  • This process cannot be undone.

Note: spelling and capitalization count. If the timer does not start, you have mistyped something.
We hope you enjoy the Wartorn TARDIS!


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