• Follow on each successful teleport
  • Sim wide travel
  • Integrated with the Vortech network grid
  • Teleport to any avatar in the same region instantly
  • Teleport to camera position
  • Configurable auto removal option to prevent clutter on other land
  • User key for your friends which can enable them to go forth on your adventures
  • Grid plotter to increase network visibility
HUD Controls
Master HUD
  1. Wear the HUD and a request for teleport will quiz you. Select yes to this otherwise some gate functions will not work for you.
  2. Click the HUD, choose summon and a gate shall appear before you (provided you are allowed to rez objects on the land you are standing on!).
  3. Pass a user key to any bystanders if you want to so that they may control the gate.
  4. Touch the keypad on the gate for a list of options. At this point you may unlock the gate for users with the key can use the it. It is locked for owner use at default.
  5. Choose auto die (optional) and select an amount of time the gate will remain present while you are within 96 meters. 2 minutes is the default length of time before the gate removes itself.
  6. From the gates keypad choose power up and then select grid or Regional.


Spawns a gate not 2 meters near your position, powered down.

User Guide

Brings you to this page!

Rez On

Enables follow on teleport.

Rez Off

Disables follow on teleport.


Removes the gate.

Land Pad

This will place a pad on the floor which connects to the Vortech grid.

Database Setup

Please note that in order for the full effects to work, the following criteria must be followed:

  • You or your group are authorised build at the chosen location.
  • Object entry is available at location.
  • Run scripts option is enabled.
  • Teleport routing set to “Anywhere”.
  • Autoreturn is set to 0.
  1. Provided you can rez general objects on the land beneath you and your group tag matches that of the land/group owner, click the HUD and select Land Pad.
  2. Once the rezzer pad is in place, touch it and select the button “Add to Grid” or “Add Private”. Selecting grid will add your location which will be viewable to the public and private will only ever be viewable by you.
  3. A text box will be presented to you to give this location a name. Please only stick to short one worded names as HUD buttons usually display between 10-12 characters. After this, another box will ask for a picture UUID. This is a snapshot of the location the pad is in, copy the asset UUID from your inventory and submit it here.
  1. To remove a rezzer cleanly, touch the pad for a menu and select “Del Grid”. This will remove entries from the database be it grid and/or privately and then collapse.
  2. To change the display picture shown inside the console doorway and monitor screen, touch the pad and select “Add Pic”, in the textbox provided paste the UUID here.
  3. The rezzer pad is now complete, touch the rezzer pad and select “Hide” from the menu presented.
Follow On Teleport
  • This feature is disabled by default and will need to be activated from the master HUD should you wish to use it.
  • Quite simply, Rez On will enable the feature and yes, Rez Off actually disables it.
  • When activating various functions on the gate itself, the follow on teleport mode may not be required. The gate knows this and will program the HUD accordingly. Messages of such actions will be chatted in yellow for you only.
  • This will override the HUD settings therefore you may wish to re-enable it again if the gate has turned it off. I wouldn’t recommend doing this if you are controlling a gate.
The PJ Wrist Key
  • This bracelet is for your friends or if you are using a friends gate.
  • You cannot wear this combined with the HUD, but if you do either will know and one will detach the other to remove conflict.
  • The bracelet has no user interactions other than a colour changer, which can be activated on touch. The key will be programmed by a nearby gate.
  • Once a gate has been activated, walk through the portal.
The Gate Functions
  1. This menu will fetch the available locations to travel to sim wide. Select a page and then a location. The gate will now send a request to that location and in approximately 10 seconds the portal will open on your gate.
  2. Walk through the portal to be instantly transported to that location.

When at the destination gate the auto removal timer for the original gate will begin as you have now left its range.

  1. Provided the gate is still active, you can walk back through it to be transported to the original side, and then back again.
  2. You can shut down the portal from the source side by selecting abort from the keypad options.

TP to Avatar:

  1. Selecting this option will show you a list of people that you can travel to. Select the name of the person and in around 5 seconds the portal will open. At the same time a destination gate will appear near the selected avatar.
  2. You will not appear in the list because that would be silly and the gate fire up sequence shall be aborted if no one is available on the radar.

TP to Cam:

This mode will spawn a destination gate wherever you point the camera at. Once selected, move the camera to the desired position and then click GO from the menu. The gate will instantly spawn and shortly after the source side gate will open the portal.

Note: You must face the camera to a surface for the gate to spawn to or it may not work properly.


  1. Two modes are available here, Local and Sim Wide.
  2. Select Local and a textbox will be presented to you requesting for coordinates. This mode detects the region you are in so all you need to do is fill in the field below type in your desired position in <X, Y, Z> i.e. <45,21,25>. The brackets must be included.
  3. A gate will be summoned to that location.
  1. Select Sim Wide and a textbox will be presented to you requesting for a region and coordinates. Simply fill in the field below typing in your desired region and position in <X, Y, Z> i.e. Eutopia, <45,21,25>. The formatting is important so commas and brackets must be included.
  2. A gate will not be summoned and provided follow on teleport is enabled, it will depend on the users ability to rez objects and run scripts on programmed region name.
  1. Upon successful submission of data, the gate will be fed these parameters and the wormhole sequence will begin.
  2. Walk through the portal to be instantly transported to the programmed destination.

Note: If it doesn’t work check the format of what you type in the text box.

  • Here’s a quick recap of exactly what should be typed.
  • Local: <45,21,25>
  • Sim Wide: Eutopia, <45,21,25>
Things to note
  • The teleport request must be granted for both you and the user key holders. If the portal doesn’t seem to work for whatever reason, you can reset it from the HUD menu, named Reset TP.
  • Provided the gate is still active, you can walk back through it to be transported to the original side, and then back again.
  • You and users must be nearby the source gate for the coordinates to be sent.
  • You (and those with user keys) must go through the first gate to enable a return path to it. You cannot start at the destination side, it just wont work (yet). For example, you summon a gate to Fred James and even if said person is wearing a key the portal will not work for him.
  • If you go out of range of the source gate which is 96 meters, the auto removal timer shall start and delete the original gate after the time programmed.
  • Regional doesn’t currently work for non-owners of the gate.

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