Sliders HUD Manual

Thank you for purchasing the Vortech Sliders Timer HUD 2020.

Getting Started…..

In the box there is the items as follows

Slider Timer
Sliders HUD
Companion Key
Arrival Wormhole

Simply Right click on these items in your folder and selected Add (All Except the Companion Key this is for your friends)

When you first wear the HUD you must agree to Teleport in order for this to work ( Answer YES, you’ll be asked once this will then save)

You can adjust the timer in your hand to fit your avatar, also the HUD if needed.

Click the HUD and a menu will appear as follows…

Wormhole (Opens a wormhole in front of you)
Landmarks (You can add as many as you like to this data bank for Landmark travel)
Random Grid ( This is just like Sliders you’ll end up anywhere on the grid random)
Ground Wormhole ( This rezzes a wormhole in the floor/ground just like in the show for varied jumps)
Kill Wormhole ( This shuts down the wormhole, Note the wormhole has a timer of 60 seconds before self deleting)

To use:

Click the timer HUD and choose either Wormhole or Grnd Wormhole after the vortex appears a menu will ask you either Landmark or Random
choose either of the following, once this is done simply click the vortex and your avatar will run and jump in and teleport to your destination.

(note some AO’s may need turning off for full effect, The Vortex will close after 60 seconds to avoid trash)

On arrival a wormhole will appear around your avatar this is an attachment so no need to worry about rez rights.

.If you wish to shut down the wormhole early simply click the KIll command on your HUD to close it.

To add your own landmarks into the HUD simply right click and edit and drag in your landmark.

History Tab – brings up previous locations

RolePlay mode – Now you can select a timer countdown just like the show the remote will not work until the timer runs down and gives a bleep sound when charged, this can be disabled at any time via the HUD menu.

Emergency Teleport – Stuck in a tricky situation click the emergency button and choose to Teleport (works in non rez land) and with the group HUD.

To take your friends on a journey to new Earths where its the same year different dimension pass the companion Key over and get them to wear it and except permissions, now they can jump into the wormhole with you.

Various Updated scripts in this Version 2.2 for smoother travel. also includes a put in your pocket function for easy storage when not in use.

All Done

Your friends can also purchase our low cost companion HUD for just $L20 and join you on your journey across worlds as a Slider. (Note you this does not need to be purchased if you own the Sliders HUD already this is purely for non owners to travel, this item can also be gifted to friends.


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