Handles Interactive cyber head



Random vocalizations of Handles sayings.
Mouth and eye blinks in time with speech.
Announce that someone has entered the proximity.
Provide security orb functions.
Listen for a few key words in chat and respond.
Scan region and show avatars.

Main menu

The main menu buttons are either toggle buttons or used to invoke a sub-menu with further options.

Power On/Off
Handles main power.

Listen On/Off
Turn chat listen on or off. Handles will listen for a few key words and respond to them. Currently, Handles listens for
handles, scan, back, going, and status.

Public/Owner Listen
Allows Handles to listen to chat from either only the owner or to anyone.

Random On/Off
Handle will randomly say one of his recorded phrases. This option will turn the feature on or off.

Handles will recognize that people are near and welcome them. This option will take you to the menu to set these

Handles provides a security orb function and this option will take you to the menu to set these options.

Scan Region
Provides a report on avatars in the region.

Reports configuration and operating information.

Proximity Menu
This menu allows you to turn the proximity announcement on or off, along with setting the radius, or selecting the full parcel. The radius is set with the center on Handles, but will not extend outside of the parcel boundaries.

Security Menu
This menu allows you to configure the security orb function of Handles. It allows you to turn the feature on or off, set the radius of the scan, or select protection for the full parcel. There is also a group allow function that will allow anyone that is wearing the group tag that Handles belongs to, to pass the scan. Individual avatars can also be named in the Security Allow notecard in Handles’ inventory. Follow the instructions in the notecard for specifying the avatar names.
If an avatar does not pass a security scan, they will be sent a 30 second warning and then teleported home.

Group owned land
Handle will function on group owned land. If you desire to use the security orb function, Handles will need to be deeded to the group in order to be allowed to teleport an avatar to home. After deeding to the group, permissions to his menus will still belong to the original owner. If the Handles script is manually reset, permissions will be lost and you’ll have to replace him with a copy from your inventory.
If you do not wish to use the security function, it is not required to deed handles to the group.

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