Visitor Sensor

What does it do exactly?

Each visitor that collides with this is logged onto the Vortech server, detailing who, where, when and payment files. Like so…

“Turokhan Legion | Girvin | <244,54,43> | 19 Oct 2012 | 23:40:37 | Payment Info on File AND Payment Info Used”

Each unique avatar is logged in a 12 hour cycle to reduce spam, and then reset. Nice eh?

Sensors newer than 1.09 now send out welcome messages and a landmark.

Initial Setup
  1. Place one unit in each of your shops.
  2. Touch for menu and choose from the easy to follow commands.
  3. Wear the HUD.

That is it!

Adding Managers
  1. Edit the notecard within each sensor unit and place the key of the manager and save.
  2. You can store upto 5 managers for each new line.
MENU Commands
  • IM’s Off: This will disable messages sent to you and your managers HUD.
  • Scan Mode: Opens up a sub-menu, form here you can turn the scanner on and set its range and rate of scanning.
  • Text On/Off: Shows or hides the hovertext.
  • Reset: factory reset. This will wipe your daily visitor list. But not your history log.
  • Hide/Show Sensor: Makes it invisible or not.
  • Visitor List: Shows visitors within 12hr cycles.

Edit the HUD then edit the notecard contained, should you wish to leave a welcome message to your visitors. The HUD will grow and send you a message when a visitor hits one of your locations with a sensor placed and then shrink down after. Touch the HUD for a link to the visitor log.


Edit the sensor unit and replace the current landmark with one of your own. The sensor unit will greet people with a welcome message and a landmark if you added one.

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