Message Board


  • HTML text
  • Low land impact, only 5 LI
  • Just 1 script
  • Sports 10 customization lines
  • No fuss setup

Instuctions for use

  1. Unbox the latest edition and drag the Message Board in-world to your chosen spot.
  2. It will automatically register your SL name to the server. (This is a one time event)
  3. Touch the bezel and select “Add” from the options. Within a few moments a link will be provided with a password.
  4. Follow the link and enter username & password
  5. From the drop down box on the site, select the key of your screen. (this was chatted in yellow)
  6. Configure the screen accordingly and the in-world screen will update shortly after.

Things to Note

  • Parcel media must be playing or you will see a static image showing play me.
  • Screen does not self delete from the central database at the moment if removed in-world, so please touch the bezel and select “Delete” if you no longer wish to use the display.
  • If you forget your password for the site here, simply touch the bezel of the screen and choose “Password”. This will show your password in private chat.

Release Notes:


  • Updated listener channel to be unique in order to┬áprevent conflicting with nearby screens of the same user.
  • Screen made bigger & screen is now brighter.


  • Added background tasks to increase HTML efficiency.


  • Initial release.

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