If you need any assistance with any of our products and their features you can visit us in-world or contact Christina Riederer.
You may also contact us via instant message, but please note that this is capped on the amount of offline messages received, so if in doubt send us a notecard. (Click the questions to reveal the answers).

Q1: I opened the doors in the console room but the exterior doors are still closed.

Simple answer to this is it depends on lag, if a sim is lagging then the message sent to the box through cyberspace takes a little longer to reach causing a slight delay on the doors, in some rarer cases it can take up to 20 seconds on a database pad you do not own. Hud commands will run faster if you own the database pad. (This will change on update V1.21 with the installation of http communications).

Q2: I placed and added a rezzer pad to the database but the exterior will not materialise?

There are a number of reasons why this could happen.
Please check the following:
Auto return is set to ‘0’
Parcel/region allows scripts and object Build
Rezzer pad is set to the group corresponding to the land.
You forgot to set up the rezzer pad to our database (If you own the pad)

Q4: I Have an older console how do I get the upgrade?

All console updates can be sent to you via the re-delivery terminal in store, if in any doubt about recent versions feel free to IM Christina Riederer for any help

Q5: I click the back wall of the exterior and do not enter the console!

This is most likely due to the teleport condition of the region/parcel in which the console is parked.
Please check and set the teleport routing to ‘Anywhere’
World – About Land – Options – Teleport Routing ‘Anywhere’
If this setting is correct, re-attach your HUD if problems persist.

Q6: How do I use my installer cube?

In every new console you buy you will find the all new installer cube, to use this make sure you are wearing your HUD V1.20 or later and then rez the cube in the folder, once rezzed click the cube and it will automatically spring into action installing your new console directly into your HUD.

It will then prompt you in local chat once the installation is complete.

Q7: I have chosen another exterior to land with but the default Police Box is there instead!

This is due to the owner of the rezzer pad not adding the new optional exteriors.
If it is one of your locations, please add any newly bought add on exteriors to that also.
If the exterior you are trying to land with doesn’t exist, the console will default to the Police Box.

Q8: I am not receiving an updated console?

Quick easy solution for this, go to any of our stores and click the redelivery terminal for the latest version, if in doubt contact Christina Riederer in world or send a notecard and a fresh console will be sent out after checking purchase records.

Q9: Vortech TTC TARDIS: No consoles found!! Consult Turokhan if problems persist.

The HUD contains no consoles if this message arises.
Ensure you are wearing the HUD.
Go to your console folder and rez the VORTECH Installer cube: “your console model ie the one you just purchased or already own”
Touch the installer cube “Black and yellow cube” and after a series of effects, your HUD will be updated with that console.

If in doubt send a message to Christina Riederer, Turokhan Legion is now our admin account and messages will take longer to receive.

Q10: I recently purchased an item and it hasn’t been delivered?

Simply pop along to our store and click on the re-delivery terminal located on the ground floor, where you can choose your recent purchase to be re-sent. If you still have issues, contact Christina Riederer and they will validate your purchase and manually send a new one.
You can also use this service if you have accidentally deleted a Vortech product from your inventory.

Q11: When I summon an exterior(s) it’s not linked to my home console..

When you summon an exterior from the HUD, it has no idea where the console room is.  Once summoned and stationary, open the doors via your HUD which contains the consoles data.  This sends a code to the exterior, and when the doors open it will then be linked.  If you open the doors by touch, the exterior will not know where the console is so make sure you use the HUDS unlock/lock feature as just clicking the doors on the exterior will not link the box to the console room. (This will change in update V1.21).

Q12: Does it have manual coords?

Unfortunately we removed the feature which allowed manual coords, in order to install a better system, this new feature will be added in the next V1.21 update.

In-world contacts

Christina Riederer (For product delivery’s, demos and overall information).
Mishelle Rayna (For scripting or function queries).

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