Bugs & Fixes

  • Ecto exterior not rezzing the correct way round when summoned via the HUD.
  • Still getting texture find errors on most exteriors when unlocked via the HUD (summoned ones).
  • “Could not find texture ” etc.
  • The Chrono console door GIF is still in flight when you enter too after landing a summon ext via HUD, needs to be default static one.
  • The map is also either not connecting or the co-ords to go inside are wrong and u fall.
  • New 11th Doctor Police Box, I found when I landed via grid and tp’d I landed out to the left of the box not in it. [FIXED]
  • When dematting exteriors summoned from the HUD, the demat sound seems to start again just towards the end of the demat phase. [FIXED]

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