Bugs & Fixes


The Consoles are currently going through a Spring clean and updates will be sent out soon as work is complete 21/04/2020

TTC HUD V1.18 – Please make sure you are wearing this HUD when using any Tardis Console, it has the latest bug fixes and teleport functions.

April 2020 – Light Saber 2.0 Full update to Mesh with script performance improvements.

April 2020 – K9 Defence Robot: Full update to mesh with script performance improvements.

Exterior Expansion pack roll outs: Bug fixes and performance improvements over the range. (Began From March 2020)

Bill and Ted 3.1 Update coming this April, will focus on bug and performance issues to comply with new SL scripting updates, now with  improved mesh, material  and effects.

Due for release:

The Covenant – Bug fixes including improved flight, Rotor reworked for smoother animations.

The Omnisphere V2 – Full mesh design re-working, Lower LI, Bug fixes including Random Landing and lighting.


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