Updates and Improvements



Coming Winter 2021 The TARDIS CONSOLE HUD V2.0 Update

Updates will include:     

Updated Console to Box targeting for more accurate landing when using manual summon from the HUD.       

HUD will be simplified and given a makeover to allow smoother easier use.

Automatic interior texture changer, no need to use the HUDs console select on summon anymore the HUD will automatically know which console you are using.


A shiny new reworked Console construction rez Box with Taxi Pick up mode. This is a much cleaner and easier system with extra features to help snap your consoles to the grid and automatic 0 rotations.                         

A newly designed simple to use plug and away additional Landmark flight system.                                            

New Vortech Installomatic system integration used with all our latest products.                       

This update will be sent as a final upgrade to this current system.

The new roll outs for the system V2.0 which will see a completely brand new TARDIS network, system and HUD will begin shipping around Spring of 2022. (All new system upgrades will be free to current owners of any console).       

The database as of November 2020 has been fully integrated with the new Amazon Cloud servers, happy flights.                        


Out Now!

Bill and Ted’s Ultimate HUD V3.3, This update 10 months in development has seen a full reworking from the ground up, New HD Optimised Phone booths fully canon to the movies,  A new HUD with complete new coding to enable automatic upgrade features, and the new Key-frame animation arrival modes, raycast and new Adobe designed effects. Also Includes the all new Face the music phone booth + now updated to take Kellys Time Pod used by Bill and Teds daughters in the 3rd movie.

Kellys Time Travel Pod expansion kit, from Bill and Ted Face the music, add this to your existing HUDS.

As of July 2020 all exteriors for the TTC system have now been updated to the most recent code, scripts have been reduced to increase response time, all new exterior releases now contain the light control system.

TARDIS Console system update: September 2nd 2020 Includes the new V5 Main Engine Scripts for smoother travel, Updated Maps and Doors with bug fixes, Updated Random Travel and Location selection unit. Reduced Script times on the rotor and Lighting systems. As of January 2021 the console now also includes an update for better map to box targeting.                                   

TTC HUD V1.20 onward – This important update includes bug fixes and feature updates including, public boxes will now demat after 30 mins by default, fixed a bug that caused the sound on the exteriors to take off twice when near the console room, permissions now only need to be granted once when wearing the hud with its built in memory saver.

It is important that you only use Tardis HUDS from V1.20 onward to fully experience the new features and bug fixes.

(V2.0 Winter 2021)

Quantum Leap HUD – V3.2 – A complete Re-boot of the Ziggy design and HUD with new features.

April 2020 – Light Saber 2.0 Full update to Mesh with script performance improvements.

April 2020 – K9 Defence Robot: Full update to mesh with script performance improvements and wearable K9 added for no rez.

Exterior Expansion pack roll outs: Bug fixes and performance improvements over the range. (Began March 2020/21)


Due for release 2021/2022

The Orville Elevator system (Due November 2021)

Ruths TARDIS Console by Lexii lane (Spring 2022)

Vortech TTC System 2.0 (Due Spring 2022)

The Ultimate Capaldi Console by Lexii Lane (Due December 2022)

The Time Gate 3.0 – This will see a complete reworking of the original Vortech gate. (In Pre-production)

Terminator HUD – 2022 Reboot (In Pre-Production)


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