About Us

At Vortech, we specialise in teleportation devices and to make your experience in Second Life more fun!
From specially crafted HUDs to fully grid enabled travel systems, you are bound to find what your are looking for here.

Our TTC systems aka TARDIS’s are fully networked with the Second Life grid. This means with our easy setup systems, you don’t have to worry about adding locations too much as there are plenty to select from as found here.

It doesn’t just stop there! We have many gadgets available in world from SciFi teleportation gadgets to full blown systems, including Bill and Ted, Sliders, Stranger Things, Terminator, Star Wars, Star Trek Discovery, Quantum Leap and Doctor Who with our own brand of fully interactive TARDIS console systems mesh designed all inducing the default famous Police Box. Just head over to our in world store or marketplace and start your new journey now!!

Visit us in-world: Vortech

Browse our products on SL Marketplace: SL Marketplace

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